Truckbed Tool Box Fitment Chart

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Truck Tool Box Construction

Jobsite Products offers truck tool boxes in a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminum and alloys. Plastic is generally less durable and desirable so we do not offer that option in our store unless we receive more demand for it. There's a certain aesthetic quality to matching your boxes so it can be a good idea to plan ahead and consider what might be your evolving needs then choose not only the right storage capacity and box type but also material of construction.

Aluminum truck bed tool boxes are a reasonable option to consider. Aluminum is known for its anti-corrosive qualities and light weight. Aluminum boxes have the typical feature of the rugged diamond-shaped pattern that also offers grip.

Steel truck boxes (such as those offered by Delta), are considered by some to be old school, as long as you include reliable, tough and sturdy when you use that phrase. It's more resistant to denting and is not "soft" like aluminum which scuffs too easily for some. Most steel is covered with a solid rustproofing finish but this is easily chipped on most jobsites so a steel truck box is vulnerable to corrosion.

Stainless steel truck tool boxes offer premium storage and durability at a premium price, reserved for premium toolboxes. Stainless steel entails superior anti-corrosion.

Of course, the material construction is only one aspect of your truck box affecting its durability as well as its suitability for your needs.

The importance of component parts in your truck tool box
Component parts are also an important aspect of the chest's durability; for example, if your hinges break right away, the material construction of your crossover box isn't going to matter one bit. Recessed, heavy duty hinges, for example, are one way of avoiding this problem.

Struts are another part of your truck tool box that can render you vulnerable to breakdown or replacement (and a waste of money, that is.) Cheaper boxes will have only one shock in the middle of the lid but better quality truck tool boxes are equipped with two struts preferably heavy duty in construction, with integrated guards along the base and other reinforcement to prevent battering, jamming and other unnecessary vulnerability to damage.

Higher quality construction materials mean less stress, less complaining to people you work with and generally less problems all around. The old adage is you get what you pay for, but of course, we all have budgets to work within. Good luck as you select your truck box!

More features that make a good truck tool box great
Some features to look for in the construction of optimally reliable and dependable truck tool boxes are as follows: One piece bottom boxes are constructed to negate sagging. And no one likes sagging, right?

Dual gas cylinders. Single cylinder boxes might be cheaper but of course that cylinder makes you very vulnerable to permanent annoying if and when the seal breaks on the gasket. A truck crossover box with a dual gasket cylinder makes it easier to open, provides stronger support for the lid and will last you probably twice as long.

Heavy duty, full-lid gaskets stop leakage and keep your tools dry and protected.

Push buttons and recessed locking: truck boxes that require a combination and/or has recessed locking provides additional security and durability.

Rubberization along the exterior will prevent unnecessary scraping or scuffing of your truck bed. There's no need for your truck box to shorten the life of your vehicle's bed due to inducing corrosion or simply damage.

Installation of a bed liner can also help increase the life of your truck box and of your truck!

Recessed hinges and other features also extend the lifetime of your box. These types of features protect against damage and minimize harm to other materials you store in your truck bed.