Aluminum tool boxes prevent your tools from getting damaged, stolen or lost in a lightweight, easily portable chest.

aluminum tool chest

Aluminum tool boxes feature full weather stripping to keep out moisture and dust. Built-in compartments keep all the tools in place. Hand held aluminum tool boxes from Delta feature a removable plastic tray and two clasps for locking. These have a bright diamond plated finish and are handy and light for storing smaller tools. Aluminum tool boxes are popularly used as they offer a great combination of strength, durability and lightness. Aluminum is ideal for storage at any jobsite and construction site.

truck tool boxes aluminum

Aluminum truck tool boxes can add value and storage space to your truck bed’s every corner. Tool boxes are available in Single or Dual Lid crossovers, Innerside and Underbed Tool Boxes, to name a few.

Aluminum tool boxes for trucks also include drawers, crossover boxes, low profile tool boxes, utility boxes, side boxes and secure storage boxes for SUVs.

aluminum crossover tool boxes

Aluminum Crossover tool boxes are immensely popular for their utter practicality. Aluminum tool boxes rest on the side bedrail and sit close to the cab, giving you tool storage across the bed of your truck, while allowing full use of the truck bed floor since the toolbox is suspended instead of resting on the floor. These boxes can be used in conjunction with a sidemount style toolbox (innerside box) for complete coverage of the truck bed rails.

Single lid tool boxes are widely used by pickup truck owners and offer extra storage that can be locked up to keep humidity and moisture out. Single-Lid deep Aluminum tool boxes offer more space and have a self-adjusting gear-lock dual rotary locking system for a tight-fitting lid. Wheel Well toolboxes create extra storage in the truck bed and easily mount to your truck's wheel well space giving you quick and easy access to your tools and accessories.

Dual lid tool boxes offer more access and flexibility than most toolboxes. These toolboxes have locks on each side for better security. Innerside Aluminum tool boxes are compact and make best use of space in your truck bed that frequently goes unused. The contents of the entire toolbox are accessible from one side of the truck. Underbed tool boxes mount under the truck bed or trailer on commercial vehicles, keeping the bed free for cargo. Topside Truck Aluminum tool boxes are great for all your work truck needs as they provide additional storage above and beyond the bed of your truck. This feature is highly beneficial for utility trucks.

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