TopCon Construction lasers from Jobsite Products provide fast, accurate levelling, manufactured by the industry leader, TopCon. Our exclusive distribution of TopCon means you get the best prices on the world's most advanced professional construction lasers, multi-beam lasers and builder lasers.

Green beam lasers from TopCon provide the brightest line in any conditions, one of numerous innovations you can expect from the best in the construction industry. These construction lasers have a range of 850 meters or more.

What else can you find in construction lasers from TopCon and Jobsite Products? Find your worksite solution here:

interior construction lasersBuilder / Interior Construction Lasers priced from under $1000 up to the top of the line RL-VH4G2 at just under $2500. The lower priced model provides horizontal or vertical leveling under 5 seconds. these leveling lasers operate require setting up within 5 degrees of level. These come in the option of red bean or TopCon's patented GreenBeam technology, visible regardless of shade conditions, weather or glass windows. The 90 degree plumb beam provides an easy option to square walls no matter what height or width. Top of the line construction site lasers like the RL-VH4G2 GC offers superior accuracy and performance, including twice as many hours of operation from one set of alkaline batteries.

For the best construction lasers and jobsite levelling, trust TopCon and Jobsite Products.

multi-beam lasersMulti beam lasers accommodate 180 degree layout, with multiple lines and plumb points. This greatly increases work efficiency, with crossline projection and high speed self-leveling. These are accurate to within 2 mm over ten meters, with an operating range of 50 meters for exterior operations and 40 meters indoors. These superior multi-beam construction lasers come at superior prices thanks to Jobsite Products' exclusive distributorship of TopCon construction supply products.

utility leveling lasersUtility and slope levelling lasers including the RL-100 1S Low and High by TopCon combine simplicity with accurate grading, no matter what the conditions. These feature a high contrast, multi-function graphical display for easy reading and time-saving convenience. For the perfect entry level utility laser there's nothing better than the TP-L4b which provides automatic line centering and grade zeroing. The waterproof housing means you can trust it to survive the roughest construction conditions.

TopCon and Jobsite Products provide everything you need in construction lasers.

Search through our complete selection of TopCon building lasers below.


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