Theodolites from Topcon represent the highest accuracy and value in digital theodolite technology. The simple operation of these instruments provides precise measurement. Theodolites offer cost-efficient measurement with absolute reliability.

The Topcon DT-209 Digital Theodolite offers high-quality advanced absolute circle reading technology. This renders a consistently accurate field with up to 170 hours of operation in Angle Measurement mode. The vertical angle correction gives accuracy to plus or minus nine inches. This model theodolite also offers a high-contrast, back lit single-side LCD display, and is compact and lightweight with a 360° rotating telescope. Being dust and water resistant, it can weather rough conditions in the field.

With a rating of IP66, theodolites from the DT-209 and DT-209L can withstand severe moisture and humidity. Each telescope is gas charged to further avoid moisture intrusion and to limit or eliminate lens fogging. The DT-209 package is also equipped with a plumb bob, tool kit, waterproof protective cover, lint-free lens cloth and carrying case.

The Topcon DT-209L Digital Theodolite features an added laser pointer. The laser diode makes it ideal for one-person alignment jobs. The Topcon DT-209L Digital Theodolite with Laser Pointer delivers plus or minus nine inches of angle accuracy. The optical plummet makes set up over a control point easy and a tilt sensor provides plus or minus three minute angle correction. Even when using the laser, power consumption is extremely low and you get 80 hours of continuous operation.

The DT-209 Series features two magnification choices - 26x and 30x. A 3’ minimum focus distance can be used effectively for tight areas. The DT-200L Series of Theodolites have a long battery life; its diode laser can be seen up to 50 meters away in daylight. The powerful beam is emitted directly from the aperture, but does not obstruct viewing. The DT-209L package also features a plumb bob, tool kit, waterproof protective cover, lint-free lens cloth and carrying case.

Did you know?
Theodolites are mainly used for surveying applications, but are very critical to fields like meteorology and even rocket launch technology. In meteorology, the theodolite is used to track the motion of weather balloons by measuring elevation and azimuth angle. The earliest theodolite consisted of a small mounted telescope that rotated horizontally and vertically; modern versions are sophisticated computerized devices, capable of tracking not only weather balloons, but also airplanes, and other moving objects, at distances of up to 20,000 m (65,600 ft).


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