Gull wing truck boxes are stylish and functional truck tool boxes. The design of these boxes allows you to have full and easy access from either side of the truck. Double lid gull wing truck boxes are one of the most popular options in truck tool crossover boxes. Jobsite Products features gull wing crossover truckboxes from top names in tool storage including Jobox and Delta Pro!

Jobox gull wing crossover

Jobox gull wing crossover boxes are available in aluminum and steel as fullsize and compact models. The fully beveled extended lid design provides a 20% larger opening than standard steel dual lid models. A raised center cover is reinforced for strength and security. It also provides superior weather protection. A sliding steel tray with moveable galvanized dividers and tough powder coated paint finish is suited for storing small parts and tools.

Gull wing truck boxes from Jobox have a self-adjusting rotary Gear-Lock II locking system. The self-aligning latch hoop and gas spring guards offer convenience. The 3-layer laminated Rigid Structural Lid has a reverse beveled edge liner and an inner layer of rigid foam insulation to keep your tools dry in this superior crossover. There is additional built-in storage bin on both ends. The tool tray can be lifted out, from either side of the gull wing. Drill-resistant round push buttons and wide EPDM Live Cell automotive bulb-style weather stripping add to the usability of these ever-popular truck tool boxes. The steel models are available with Armor-Brite white or black powder paint finish.

delta pro gull wing box

Delta Pro steel gull wing truck boxes are available as fullsize, black steel gull wing fullsize, fullsize deep and black steel gull wing fullsize deep crossover models. These superior truck tool storage boxes can resist up to 1,000 pounds of prying force or break in. The rotary Gear-Lock II locking system, self-aligning latch pins and self-rising lids are attractive features. The body is very strong and resistant to cargo damage. The lid locks and unlocks from either side for security and safety. Heavy-duty guards protect the vertical-action gas spring lid lifts and help ensure long-term durability. There is a built-in storage bin on both ends and a 4-compartment sliding tray for convenient small item storage. Deep models of this gull wing storage box offer still more space for storing larger tools and equipment.

Both Jobox and Delta gull wing truck tool boxes provide great protection against moisture and burglary. The steel and aluminum models offer superior rust resistance. Welded cross-bracing and corner reinforcement provides better security and dependability. It is advisable to take measurements of your truck before fitting a tool box. Jobox and Delta are leaders in truck tool boxes, offering you years of worry-free storage for your tools and other precious belongings. Gull wing tool boxes are just two of many models offered by these renowned providers of truck tool boxes.


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