Liquid transfer tanks provide safe secure transport of fuel and other liquids. Moving liquid from one site to another? There's no better solution than tanks listed here. L-shaped tanks fit into the truck box like a crossover box and provide simple site to site liquid transfer of gasoline, other fuels or liquids. Aluminum liquid transfer tanks come in L-shaped, square or rectangular; these are ideal for transfers of up to 98 gallons, although smaller sizes include 76 gal. and 50 gal. and 37 gal. models.

Delta liquid transfer tanks

Delta liquid transfer tanks come in a variety of sizes for a solution to any liquid transfer case. Delta makes L-shaped tanks as well as straightforward rectangular holding tanks. These are made with extra-heavy duty treadplate aluminum for maximum durability and strength to handle any jobsite conditions. Welded tie-down brackets easily secure the Delta brand liquid transfer tank to any truck bed. These are ideal for diesel or any other kind of fuel transfer you require.


Delta also makes liquid transfer boxes that can double as tool storage.

jobox liquid transferJobox liquid transfer tanks provide low profile with high quality construction and durability. Jobox’s heavy duty construction begins with its corrugated construction and extends to fully welded tig seams. These solid seams protected by strip moulding construction provide an impenetrable barrier against dust or vapour that can cause damage. Trust Jobox to provide safe and secure liquid transfer for diesel, fuel oil or any other liquid you transport or transfer.


Transfer tanks from Jobsite Products can be fitted for all makes and models of Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and Dodge trucks and truck beds or boxes. Lid styles may vary as well but consult the specs sheet and product warranty for this and other details.


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