Voltec Lighting

Voltec is a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of power and lighting products to the industrial, RV, automotive and hardware markets. Their products include extension cords, custom cords, adapters, temporary lighting, temporary power products, inverters, hand-held LED's and job-site work lights. Voltec lighting products are well-known for their quality and durability. Voltec's light strings have pre-assembled cages which saves you time as well as the cost of installation. These lights are the perfect solution to your temporary lighting needs such as construction sites, gardens and parking lots. Voltec lighting is also suitable for marinas and/or auto and tree lots. In addition, twist lock plugs and receptacles provide a level of security for devices that should not be unplugged accidentally. The flexible jacket allows you to utilize cord in temperatures ranging from -40 to 140 degree F.

Voltec lighting offers halogen lights that are ideal when extra lighting is needed on the job site or workshop. Voltec Handheld Lighting 16 LED has a 100 Lumen spot light on top as well as 16 LED lights in the body which give 96 lumens of light, in a military aerospace grade aluminum body. Voltec’s LED headlamp is ideal for hands free, on-the-go lighting. It's one of Voltec lighting’s most widely used products. The magnetic utility power light reel is a quick and easy solution for temporary lighting. It includes 10 feet of power cord and the strong magnet easily attaches to the hood of cars.

Battery chargers, battery testers, booster cables, booster power packs, power inverters and replacement clamps are also some of Voltec’s popular products. Voltec offers industrial grade power inverters and a smaller inverter series. Voltec inverters convert 12 –volt DC battery power from a vehicle into 120-volt AC household electricity. These inverters can power a variety of electronic products including TV’s, VCR’s, fax machines, laptop computers, camcorders, stereos, small power tools and work lights.


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