Fibreglass surveying rods, both rectangular and oval, are ideally suited to fit in with your construction or survey grading system.

Fibreglass rods for replacement or spares come with Jobsite's industry leading pricing model. These come in 8 foot, 13 foot and 16 foot lengths. Keep yourself well-stocked with rectangular and oval fiberglass rods

Jobsite carries surveying rods, direct elevation roads and level rods to go with total stations and leveling lasers from TopCon, the leader in the industry. Replacement or spare rods are ideal for anyone in surveying, grading, excavating, plumbing and of course construction. These have other incidental uses, too, of course.

These can be also used for other jobs in construction and excavation. For example they're practical for measuring height or depth in some situations. You can extend the rod and measure heights of floors or undersides of structures on your jobsite.

Of course, these are ideally suited as an integrated part of your jobsite grading, integrated with machine control sensors, total stations, lasers and other components in your system.


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